Customer Data in Action

Learn how Treasure Data can help you use customer data for insights, targeting, personalization, and retention to improve customer experience and drive revenue.


How To Leverage Customer Journey-based Advertising

Brands can use Treasure Data's CDP to leverage customer journey-based advertising to fine-tune targeting, boost ROI, and cut costs.


No Longer a Luxury: CDPs Become a Staple of Martech, Providing Flexibility and Value Beyond Foundational Use Case

New survey showcases CDPs’ maturation from powerful tool to critical solution, with spotlight on value, flexibility, data security, and privacy compliance.


Leveraging Customer Experience Initiatives To Boost the Bottom Line

A CDP can fuel your brand's customer experience initiatives with a rich customer data foundation and actionable insights.


Integrating Customer Data and Insights

Learn how you can integrate customer data at any scale across your enterprise technology stack.


Use Cases

With Treasure Data use cases you can learn how to unlock the value of your customer data across the entire customer lifecycle.


CDP Awards

See Treasure Data CDP awards, recognitions, and customer reviews.