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How to Use Data for Sales-boosting ‘Phygital’ Customer Experiences

See how data-driven insights are giving physical stores major makeovers designed to boost sales and improve customer lifetime value. Get the Future Stores survey report,

Brick-and-Mortar Loyalty: How Brand and In-Store Engagement Strategies Go Hand in Hand.

You’ll learn how marketers and retailers:

  • Reach Millennials and other desirable demographics with data-driven “experiential retail”
  • Create revenue-boosting “phygital” retail customer experiences based on data and AI insights
  • Use data to navigate rough retail environments and thrive even in tough times
  • Micro-target customers based on their tastes, behavior, and values

Give the people in your organization what they need to create profit-driving changes, online and off.

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Luiz Gama, Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

“Treasure Data is our center of marketing…our key to how we’ll live in a cookieless world, in an even more digital environment, and still connect with our consumers.”

Luiz Gama

Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

Saito Kazutaka, General Manager of Digital Innovation, Subaru

“The volume and variety of data we collect helps Subaru build customer loyalty and distinguish our brand for success in a highly competitive transportation market.”

Saito Kazutaka

General Manager of Digital Innovation, Subaru